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Wealth Creation

You can take control of your financial future and achieve the financial freedom that you desire!


Defining what wealth means to you, as well as setting specific targets for your income, savings, and investments is important. This enables us to develop a comprehensive financial plan that outlines your objectives, timelines, and strategies for achieving your goals.

What does Wealth mean for you?

Wealth creation is the process of accumulating assets, investments, and resources over time, allowing you to achieve financial independence, peace of mind and live a comfortable lifestyle. While the path to wealth creation may vary for each person, there are some key principles that can guide individuals towards success


Define What Wealth Means For You

Wealth is simply the tool that enables you to live the life you want, so it’s important to define your financial goals and what wealth means for you. Because everyone is unique the level of accumulated wealth required to meet your goals will vary. Some will define Wealth as being able to afford the best house and car, regular luxurious holidays and millions of dollars in investments, while others will define wealth as being able to achieve a work life balance, spend more time with their family, and have enough in retirement to facilitate a modest standard of living. What does Wealth mean for you?


Practice Good Financial Habits

Living within your means, practicing disciplined saving and investing are some of the keys to creating wealth. By making smart financial decisions and consistently working towards your goals, you can create a solid foundation.


The Power of Compounding

Over time, your investments will earn interest or dividends, which will then generate further earnings. By reinvesting these earnings, you can accelerate the growth of your wealth and build a substantial portfolio over time.



Diversification refers to spreading your investments across different asset classes, such as shares, bonds, real estate, fixed income, cash and alternative investments. By diversifying your portfolio, you can minimise your risk exposure and maximise your potential returns.


Seek Professional Advice

Working with a Licensed Financial Planner enables you to develop a comprehensive financial plan that aligns with your long-term goals. With the right professional advice and a plan in place, it’s possible to achieve financial security and peace of mind.

Wealth Management

Wealth management is essential to achieving your goals and ensuring your long term financial security.


The first step in effective wealth management is to develop a comprehensive financial plan. This includes assessing your current financial situation, setting goals, and developing a strategy for achieving those goals. A financial plan should take into account factors such as your income, expenses, assets, liabilities, and risk tolerance.

Take control of your finances

By managing investments, tax-planning, risk and regularly reviewing and adjusting your strategies, you can take control of your finances and achieve your goals. Whether you are just starting out on your financial journey or are already wealthy, effective wealth management is essential to ensuring your future financial security.

Important wealth management concepts can include:


Investment Management

Investment management involves the selection and ongoing maintance of appropriate investments such as shares, bonds, real estate, fixed income, cash and alternative investments, and allocating those assets in a way that balances risk and return. Investments should be regularly reviewed and adjusted as appropriate based on market conditions, changing legislation and due to changes in your financial situation and goals.


Tax Planning

Tax planning helps to minimise tax and maximise after-tax returns. Tax planning involves selecting appropriate ownership and tax structures when establishing investments and can also involve strategies including investing in superannuation, shares that offer franking credits, negative gearing and investing within tax-efficient investments.


Risk Management

This involves identifying and mitigating risks that could impact your financial security such as inflation, market volatility and unexpected expenses and implementing strategies to manage these risks. Examples of strategies include, diversifying your investments, dollar cost averaging and setting aside emergency funds.

Wealth Creation and Wealth Management services offered by Enlightened Private Wealth include:


Investment Placement and Management

Placement and ongoing management of tailored investments aligned to your investment time horizon, goals and tolerance to risk.


Superannuation Review and Planning

Superannuation advice including superannuation product and investment review. Advice in relation to superannuation contribution strategies to minimise tax and grow your wealth in a tax effective manner.


Pre and Post Retirement Planning

Planning for and managing wealth within retirement. Considering a number of factors unique to you, including: -When would you like to retire? -What level of Wealth will you need to retire? -How should your retirement Wealth be invested -Are you currently on track to achieving your desired retirement and if not what strategies can be put in place to bridge the gap


Budgeting and Cashflow Management

Review of your income and expenditure to establish a budget that enables you to make informed decisions about your spending, saving, borrowing and the allocation of surplus income.


Debt Structuring and Management

Advice in relation to the management and structuring of your debt to accelerate repayment of debt as well as ensure debt is structured in a cost and tax effective manner.


Structuring and Tax Effective Strategies

Structuring of investments, superannuation and insurances in a manner which minimises taxation both for you and your future beneficiaries.


Ongoing Review

A regular review service is offered to ensure that your financial plan remains on track and aligned with your goals which can evolve over time. Reviews enable you to take advantage of new opportunities as they arise and adjust your plan as required taking into account updated market conditions and changing legislation.


Referrals to Other Professionals

Referral to other financial specialists including mortgage brokers, accountants and solicitors to ensure that your financing, accounting and legal needs are met.

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